Monday, oh Monday



It’s another glorious week, and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s close to that time when mommy takes me for my normal play-day at my local Dog Daycare.

Today she did seem a bit on edge. I overheard her talking about “dog flu” going around, and Georgia finally had its first confirmed case. Now being the protective mommy she is, I hope this doesn’t mean I can’t go play. I don’t know what I would do?

This weekend was kind of a bust. I must have been bit by a spider last week, my poor paw was swollen, red and crusted. I got sent to a vets office; Boy did I pull a tantrum. The vet could barely hold me still to look at my wound. GET ME OUT OF HERE, is what I was screaming!They put me on meds to help the infection if there was one forming. I don’t care for it much, but mommy does stuff it in a treat for me, so it’s not half bad after all.

Well daylight is wasting; im hyper, and ready to go. Happy Monday!

Woof Truly



Daily Adventures


I could hear my owners moving around in their bedroom this morning. This is my signal to whine. I have to whine as loud and as sad as I possibly can. It gets mommy outta bed and me out of my crate. Works like a charm. Tee hee hee!

Hurry up mom, Its play-day, its play-day!

Mom takes forever in the morning. She always must consume this brown hot substance before she is ready to go in the a.m. It gives her a joyful face. I love when she’s happy.

I overheard her mention she got a new job. At first, I was kind of down, but the more I think of it; this means its play-day everyday. Yipee!

Hello world!



I’m new at this blogging business, but I’m excited to share my journey. Let’s start this!

I guess I should begin by first introducing myself. My mom says I’m a Basenji/mix, whatever that means…?

I ran away from my home as a wee pup, and the nice people in the shelter found me, and took care of me as much as they could. I got put up for adoption, but weeks went by; no one wanted me. I didn’t understand. Was I not a good girl? Days, and days continue to go by,not one person seemed to want me. I even remember I could hear mentions of, “poor dog will have to be put down” what does this even mean??? I’m getting pretty scared. Then one sunny Saturday…. I could hear the harps playing from the doggie heavens, and a beam of light was shining a golden ray down on my kennel. LAAAAAAAAAAAAA. (Strike up the dog angels in silly costumessssss, NOW!)

I still remember the day my parents saw me. I was lonely and a bit confused, but seeing their happy smiling faces looking in on me in my kennel. It just seemed to calm me. It was seriously love at first site. Dad opened my kennel door and took me for a long walk. He was such a great guy! Mom just made funny voices and kept smiling and rubbing my head. I knew; they were the ones, I wanted to keep me.

We all were living at a place they call Florida. All I know is it was hot, humid, and tons of gnats. YUCK!!!!! Mom would always put this nasty stuff on my fur to keep the bugs away so I wouldn’t get sick. She loves me, but it was the worsttttt thing ever. I always ran away from her when I saw her bring out the box. Then they wouldn’t even pet me until it dried. I always thought I was being a bad dog, but now I know they just didn’t want to get it on their hands. Woof!

Dad got a new job, and mom missed home, so we decided to move to Georgia.

I do surely miss my friends at my past doggie daycare, but I’m adjusting to new life here in the big city.

This blog is going to dive into my silly antics, fun stories, and brand new adventures. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Woof Truly